Argentovivo “Phonetikabalah” [Cover]

Brand new album by my friend Argentovivo outta JTAG Crew, listen up!

Cover Artwork illustration, pencils and inks on paper (11 x 11 inches) plus digital colors @ Photoshop.

Thanks @ Gato Graphics for the GFX on top of it, the great font selection and to Flatvain for the calligraphic Argentovivo script.


I had great time illustrating this Phonetikabalah concept, using a pic as reference for John’s face, with a hood that becomes a cape in the illustration.

This album pays its tribute and find inspiration thanks to esoteric and mystic geniuses such as the painter Lorenzo Lotto, or Gurdjeff, Alejandro Jodorowski, Heraclitus and Christian RosenKreutz.


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