Stylo G's hand

“As They Like Sila Jam” [Poster]

It was a pleasure and an honor to start working with this team that each year organize an event in San Giovanni in Fiore (CS) in Calabria, Italy.

As They Like Sila Jam is a free event in memory of the five boys disappeared the night of Christmas 2011 in the tragic car accident on SS 107. No coincidence that the logo of the initiative consists of a five-pointed star in the background with the howl of the wolf.

18 AGOSTO 2016 – GRATUITO: quinto evento Hip Hop – Reggae in memoria dei 5 ragazzi scomparsi a Natale 2011 a San Giovanni in Fiore

La prima edizione si è tenuta 21 agosto 12 @ Anfiteatro Abbazia Florense, S.Giovanni in Fiore (CS).
E’ stato il primo evento Hip Hop – Reggae a San Giovanni in Fiore in memoria dei cinque ragazzi scomparsi la notte dello scorso Natale nel tragico incidente sulla SS 107. Non a caso il logo dell’iniziativa è costituito da una stella a cinque punte con sullo sfondo l’ululato del lupo a ricordo della canzone scritta e cantata da Frank e Robert Laurenzano che amavano la musica rap e reggae.
In questa prima edizione della jam parteciparono:
-Gioman & Killacat
-Mistaman & Dj Shocca
-Kiave & Don Gocò
-Rocco Hunt

Nel pomeriggio Showcase, Writing e Breaking.

This year live on stage as guests: Lion D | EGreen | Symbiz dancehall by Pull UP Sound


The concept of this illustration came from Stylo G last year moving performance. He was singing a song dedicated to the “5 Angels” and since this is the 5th edition I thought it would make sense. So I took a pic as reference, and start drawing @ Sketchbook Pro. Then inking this raw version in Manga Studio and colored it @ Photoshop. In the background you can see a bunch of people smiling and having fun, sketched from my imagination.

Stylo G during 2014 performance

Below you can take a look at the process animated GIF.


You can follow the event on Facebook.

Printed Posters (70×100 cm)

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