Dance & Move Mixtape Cover

“Dance & Move” Mixtape [COVER]

After “Can’t Hold Me Down” Mixtape [Cover]“Try Again” Mixtape [Cover] and “Things Take Time” Mixtape [Cover] another joint with Dj Marco D outta CZ Allianz!

Before goin’ digital, I’ve been sketching a small concept late in the night, just to make myself an idea about the composition.

MoveandDance-sketch 001.jpg

Two steps of the illustration: digital inks @ Manga Studio, and adding some gray (25% Black) and a distressed halftone pattern @ Photoshop. As you can see I’ve done some corrections to the sketch (the guy’s supposed to be bigger, right?) and also added a foot in the foreground, to make it looks like these two fellas are not dancing all alone in the beach (still some crowd is missing!)

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After coloring the illustration the final step is to add some text, with Comics Style fonts taken from Blambot, except for “mixtape” that I wrote while inking. This time I’ve tried to use a blur filter in Photoshop to add some focus distance between the objects.


Hope you like it, thank you for your attention and for sharing it, comments and suggestions are welcome as usual! Have a nice summer everybody…

You can listen to the mixtape below:

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