“OdioOdisseO” [Theatre]


This is a poster collaboration for a Theatre company in Catanzaro (Italy) called “Edizione Straordinaria”.
The show is called “OdioOdisseo” a wordplay that basically means “I Hate Odisseo” (the main carachter of the ancient Greek poem Odissey) as the screenwriter Franco Corapi likes! It’s a modern revisitation with a touch of irony directed by Salvo Corea. In this illustration I tried to put togheter as much carachters as possible, I had a lot of fun working on the concept with the director of the show that suggested me the whole composition. As you can see some kids are on it since there’ll be some really young actors in it…

Can’t wait to see the printed posters (100×140 cm) in the streets!

I’ve worked with my Wacom IntuosPro M, straight digital on Sketchbook Pro, Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop! Found some Greek looking fonts online for free (daFont, FontSquirrell)

Below a process GIF of the progressive steps to reach the final result.


For more information about the show you can follow on Facebook
Edizione Straordinaria – Scuola di Teatro Enzo Corea


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