Chef’s Brain Timelapse [Illustration]

[UPDATE 26th of March 2017] Published illustration on the national newspaper Corriere dello Sport UnicusanoUp, the monthly health, nutrition and sports Magazine of the Niccolò Cusano University.

Brand new illustration, here it is this cute cartoony Chef’s Brain.

You can read the full article on the digital version:

This image is meant for an official CNR (National Research Council of Italy) press release about a new study of the Chef’s Brain (but it seems that they rejected it, maybe not enough serious?) commissioned to me by Antonio Cerasa PhD
Neuroimaging Unit, Institute of Bioimaging and Molecular Physiology-CNR, Policlinico “Magna Graecia” Germaneto (CZ) 88100 Italy.

Here you can read more about it: READ THE PRESS RELEASE (Italian Version)

Ther’s also an article on the italian newspaper website La Repubblica.

[UPDATE 5th of March 2017] You can read the article on Neuroscience News .com an online magazine that provides research news for neuroscience, neurology, psychology, brain science and cognitive sciences. >>>Click to read the article<<<



After a quick sketch and with some visual references for the human brain structure, I’ve been working on my brand new old fashion drawing table (I love it!) and this is the scan of the final drawing:

I’ve also recorded a short video of me inking (with my cellphone)

Chef’s Brain Inking Timelapse from Simonluca Spadanuda on Vimeo.

I’ve some other timelapse videos on my Vimeo Channel BTW.

After aquiring the scan image I’ve used my Wacom Intuos Pro to put some colors @ Photoshop, and after few hours of digital painting that’s the result:


Researchers investigate whether the chef’s brain is different from general population. They report that chef-related expertise has shaped brain anatomy in a way to become faster in some motor and cognitive realms.

[UPDATE 8th of March 2017] Illustration published inside Il Quotidiano del Sud newspaper as you can see on my instagram profile

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