"Lea Garofalo"

Lea Garofalo [Live Drawing]

During the “Zero” Edition of Festival IntegrAzioni, I’ve been drawing live while the camera was projecting the artwork process on the wall (as you can see on the Facebook page of the event) held at “Centro Polivalente per i Giovani” in Catanzaro (Italy) last saturday 11th of March 2017.

As result of the performance this illustration made with india ink, brushpen and markers on paper and some Vermiglio Red Watercolors on it (a little white Uniposca markers too!).

Remembering Lea Garofalo (50×70 cm)

To help me fullfill the mission of storytelling, I’ve set a composition that recalls some symbolic flowers and leaves as well as animals (chestnut means justice, oaktree leaves as strongness, two cherry flowers represent the transience of life, a couple of butterflies on top of the Italy’s silhouette -as mother and daughter where forced to live hiding their real identities- the horse as a freedom animal, on the far left you can see women at a public demonstration with white flags that becomes seagulls on this red sky) Denise, Lea’s daughter, is walking with the hood on, as the last pictures of her seen when her mother disappeared in the streets of Milan.

I’ve also uploaded a composition on my instagram account

We where presenting this beautiful graphic novel published by the italian publisher BeccoGiallo written by Ilaria Ferramosca (that was also attending the event) that tells the tragic story of this brave mother and daughter from Calabria (Italy) refusing to accept the criminal rules of her family and husband.

Following some few lines from Lea’s bio.

Lea Garofalo nasce il 24 aprile 1974 a Petilia Policastro, in Provincia di Crotone, in una famiglia vicina alla ‘ndrangheta. A soli 35 anni, la sera del 4 novembre 2009, viene assassinata a Milano per aver cercato di opporsi alle attività mafiose del compagno e della sua famiglia.

Lea Garofalo was born April 24t, 1974 at Petilia Policastro, in the province of Crotone, in a family involved in ‘Ndrangheta criminal affairs. At just 35, the evening of November 4, 2009 in Milan she’s murdered for trying to oppose the mafia activities of her daughter father and her family.

Sunday Newspaper

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