Flyer design

“T per Teatro” [Theatre]

Illustration made with traditionals tools for a poster to promote “Scuola di Teatro Enzo Corea” acting classes, a theatre school in Catanzaro (Italy). After few hours discussing the concept we came out with this motto “T for Teatro” (T for Theatre) that recalls straight the V for Vendetta cult comic book and movie. The aim of the school was to show a cooler way to study theatre to the youngsters, so using the iconic V for Vendetta mask would help to use the collective imagery even for kids that are not into it.

Sketch concept (A5 Size – 148,5 x 210 mm)

After few sketches the client have decide for this one that is a direct homage to the V for Vendetta comic book cover (link here) in a really simplified version (shame on me!!!).

Nowadays I do a big scan of the sketch and place it in Photoshop so I can check if everything’s in line using my magic grid. I also put some details such as logotypes and texts so I’m sure that I have enough room for all the infos that need to be there.

Then I print the digital “blue pencils” on a nice heavyweight paper such a Canson 250 gr block so I can start inking.

Blue pencils printed on paper (A4 Size – 210 x 297 mm)

Then I try to have as much fun as possible, I’ve used my Platinum Carbon Desk, a really nice carbon fountain pen which is really confortable: you don’t have to pick up the ink every two minutes! And it have also a really nice point. I’ve tried to excercise with the cross-hatching, because these days I can’t find enough time to draw traditionally. Also some brush work help to add some weight to the linework and to switch from the background texture to the clean and smooth glass surface of the mirror.

Final inks scanned at 600 dpi

Then after a color scan (the bigger you can get it the better it works) I use Photoshop to clean up the linework and to extract only the blacks with a threshold. I’ve started smoothing it with an extra duplicated layer with some gaussian blur over it, multiply over the clean black inks layer.

Next step is adding some colors, I really want that to feel like an old poster so I’ve used a limited palette with a bright red that recalls the V for Vendetta logo.

Final poster layout

The final artwork will be printed in different sizes such as A3 (297 x 420 mm) or huge ones like 70 x 100 cm or even 100 x 140 cm!!! Can’t wait to see them in the streets.

Printed poster (A3 size – 297 x 420 mm)

The smaller ones (A6 size – 105 x 148,5 mm) have also a rear side with more detailed infos about the acting classes.

Rear side (A6 size – 105 x 148,5 mm)

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