“Kaleyedoscope | Long John” [CD Cover]


A big time joint between Long John Silva aka Argentovivo and deQuantiside.

The Bologna based trio meets one of my fav rappers from east Milan.

You may have already heard about him as main voice of the JTAG rap group or in his solo project as one of his many alteregos Argentovivo: Phonetikabalah.

I’ve started from a painting reference of this huge buddha holding a “life wheel” with a lot of scenes inside. Since the cover is going to be printed on a CD the amount of details should be not that much. So I’ve used the geometry to split in 10 pieces the wheel, and started working inside each piece, building a different one for each song title, always looking for references around the web. The owl and ram besides the buddha take the place of two angels in the original painting.

Here’s the animated GIF of the step by step process:Kaleyedoscope_cover-animated.gif

The process started tracing lines and building values using only graytones. Then I’ve searched the web for a guide on how to color a black and white sketch in Photoshop, and I’ve found one that worked pretty well for me. Is basically three different layers (with properties set as overlay, multiply and screen) on Photoshop over the black and white illustration. After that the illustrations was pretty much saturated, and needed a layer of color correction to check it out. Another tutorial helped me with the noise effect I’ve added over to make it feel less digital (since everything here is made @ Photoshop with my Wacom Intuos Pro M) and the final touches came with this huge stars image I’ve already downloaded on my hard drive, to add some extra blue light in peculiar parts of the composition.

Then when it came time to put the final infos a great handmade lettering by Flat Vain (both for Kaleydoscope and Long John) came in to support the illustration to the fullest:

The back side of the cover uses the same simmetrical composition but plays with the typography a little to make it feel with more movement. This free font “Talismanica” came in to help the almighty professional Helvetica Neue LT STD to make it feel less “serious” or “boring” as you prefer.


More infos on the offical deQuantiside website, you can stream & buy the album on bandcamp and check their youtube channel to see some videos of the singles taken from this great Trap / Hip Hop album.


Just got my copies and also the limited booklet with lyrics, thought it was nice to share it on my Instagram profile

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