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“Social Song – Aris” [Cover]

Glad to show some new stuff here!

That’s Aris “Social Song” cover artwork for 3VAgency, a communication agency based in Milan, Italy.

Happy to receive a brief that shows up a bunch of pop culture super-heroes taken straight from the official videoclip.

I’ve used as references images from our beloved Pinterest, and for the first time my new funny articulated Body Kun for a particular, original Spider-man pose.


Lately I’ve been using my tablet a lot as temporary picture frame, just set the automatic screen shut down to 10 minutes and I’m good to go!

So as you can see in the picture above I’ve started the process, after my first quick rough sketch was approved, by studying each and every pose finding references.

Rough concept sketch with all the characters pretty on their place

With characters such as Power Rangers and Captain America is really easy to find good references! Happy to get back to my sketchbook for these quick drawing lessons, I’ve drawn some loose non-photo blue pencil lines and then used a nice Koh-I-Noor traditional B pencil over – as I was already inking – to get the strongest lines out there.

After scanning all at my highest home studio scanner resolution (which is for the record about 600 DPI for that small size) I’ve adjusted the composition at Photoshop keeping in mind the upper right empty space for the title.

Then I’ve printed out the final composition on a bigger size (11 x 17 inches) comic book art board sheet and refined the blue lines. After that I was ready for inking (but before is always better to save a scan of the last clean pencils, just in case).


I’ve used mostly some Koh-I-Noor felt tip pens, started with the finest point around there (005) and then also refined some cutout over-line with a 04 and 06 point. Since I’m using a lot more the computer nowadays I was feeling like the lines where too thick, but I was wrong, those bold lines help a lot when reducing the file to the actual printing page. Also a nice Kuretake brush pen helps to make the lines smoother and enhance line-weight dynamics.


After that I need to get out of my crib to get an actual big size scan, brought back my 600 DPI inks to Photoshop and started flatting out colors, don’t forget to leave some extra space for bleeding purpose!

I’ve studied a lot lately, and this guy over here, K Michael Russel, a pro comic-book colorist,  needs to be followed on his official YouTube channel, if you want some tips about coloring comic-books or, like in this case, comics style looking illustrations. I love the things he shares with us. Anyway the flat part is kind of annoying but then when you get to the final stage, you really want to thank yourself for taking such a pain in the neck part of the process the right way. Also the final file is so lightweight in terms of layers and MB size that my new workstation was working it out really easily even with that huge resolution, it’s more than 7K pixels wide, actually!


And that’s the final result after few days of working hard on the drawing table and on my brand new workstation, glad I’ve grab a 4K LG screen that shows me up a lot of mistakes, too many pixels nowadays!!! Still using my Wacom Intous Pro to color and grab that lazo stuff all over, happy bout that. I’ve tried also Lazy Nezumi Pro, not yet get used to it for drawing clean lines, it has some great designing features such as rulers and perspective points, will use it more in the next occasions. I still prefer to mix some old school techniques, especially for what concerns the inking stage, you know what I mean, working with inks and brushes on paper brings me that kind of satisfaction…

Below you can have a look at this great videoclip

You can stream or download “Social Song” by Aris on all the major platforms

Listen on Spotify

Follow Aris on his Official Facebook Page, his Instagram profile and YouTube channel.

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