Final Artwork

Red Bull Music Odyssey [Illustration]

I’ve been contacted by Rohan outta Red Bull Music offices in London, UK after he saw my Channel One illustration for an exclusive illustration meant to be used as a t-shirt design for a pretty amazing event on the river Thames. I knew that was goin’ to be a crowd scene with focus more on the people than on the artists playing on the #2 Boat (The Wine Up!) during the Red Bull Music Odyssey event.

So I came out with different sketches and proposals first.

The main challenge was trying to find some kind of shape suitable for a t-shirt print, I don’t like to see the border of the printing size, the 4 angles I mean. So Rohan suggested me to use a circle, he sent me some references and a lot of useful feedbacks to achieve the final look. we took care a lot about dressing, hairstyle and so on, to keep the final result fresh and contemporary.

Final Rough concept approved

After the final rough was approved I’ve started to tight the pencils up over a non-photo blue print on a 11 x 17 inches comic board art sheet.

Pencils (11×17 inches)

I’ve used some Koh-I-Noor felt tips pens and a Pentel pocket Brush Pen to ink the final piece, after that I’ve saved a 300DPI scan of the pencils, better be safe than sorry!

Clean Inks scan (600 DPI)

Coloring process is done in Photoshop with my Wacom Intuos Pro M size. I’ve tried a new technique for me, after applying the flat basic colors on a single layer, over that -with two separate levels with opacity set to 50%- I’ve used a 50% gray hard brush to define shadows (Linear Burn) and lights (Color Dodge). And that’s quite funny, I’ve searched for “cel shade color technique” and found different tuts on DeviantArt, the final effect is quite cartoony and modern.

The color process saw also some little tweaks and adjustments to the main drawing itself, especially for what concerns fashion style details. To be sure everything was at the right place it took a lot of time, but the final result pays back.

Final Artwork

If you want t-shirts are on sale now on Everpress website!

You can purchase Red Bull Music Odyssey | The Wine Up merch, by Simonluca Spadanuda here:

Meanwhile Davy asked me something about my illustration and graphic novel history, if you feel like you can go and read the interview:

So the event was mad, you can check some highlights.

You can listen podcasts of the music shows on Red Bull Radio, The Wine Up boat was captained by Jubilee and saw different performances live such as Lisa MercedezKranium and the mighty Equiknoxx ft. Shanique Marie.

Color process

Some steps of the color process and below details 1:1 of the final artwork

Instagram post:


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