Inktober 2017 [StereoType]

So everybody knows about #intober, right?

Following my 2017 entries, first year I’ve tried to join the adventure and I’ve to admit that everyday exercise means a lot to an aspirant illustrator, a drawing passionate or simply somebody who wants to improve his art skills. Inking is a really important process, since it finalize the sketch it can really destroy some really tight and precise pencils. Here I’ve collected my impressions and what I’ve learned from this great adventure.

So first of all thanks @ Jake Parker for sharing this iniziative with everybody in 2009, on his website you can learn more about the #inktober project:

A nice thing is that even if you’re free to draw whatever you like and using all kind of tecniques there’s a list of things that helps everybody choosing what to draw each day, that’s the official #inktober2017 list below:


It’s really inspiring to see how many different things can come out from worldwide artist imagination and see how people approach differently to similar topics.

I’ve choose to use this 31 drawing to improve my inking skills and also to work on my personal comic-book character: StereoType!

Day 1: swift

It all starts here! My first drawing is made only with this beautiful Platinum Carbon Desk ink pen:


It’s a great tool, you don’t have to charge the ink all the time!

Most of the success part of this first drawing is due to a great reference picture (I’ve found a jumping guy doing parkour) while the worst thing is that there’s no full black areas at all, and it makes a little bit flat or too flashy.

Day 2: divided

A mix of Otho graphic liner


and a nice Kuretake brushpen, that is quite a long one compared to the ones I’m used to, still I’m trying to control, probably works better on long strokes than tiny details.

I’m quite happy about the final results, the lines are clean and the anatomy seems to work, but this kind of poses are too static, looks like there’s nothing interesting going on.

Day 3: poison

I’ve switched to a new brushpen I’ve just bought online, still Kuretake is the brand, more similar to a pen for what concerns the handle. In this case details control is way better.

StereoType’s portrait gives me a chance to explore his steam properties, as you can imagine he’s exhaling some kind of poisonous substance. But I’m not happy about the smoke render at all.

Day 4: underwater

These are the cases when picture references really become necessary, to make it looks realistic, the coat floating, and this sense of StereType goin’ up, but I don’t like how the head position and face came out.

Day 5: long

I was sick, some fever, probably not a great idea but still this scene reminds me of some old movies spy stories or spaghetti western when the heroes are on the roof of the train for no particular reason. I like the way I can zoom in the scene with some typical comicbooks tricks but the lineweight should be more variable between foreground and background, and the train looks not that “solid” if you know what I mean.

Day 6: sword

That one is one I like! I’ve never tought about a sword for StereoType, but since he’s equiped with these missing cyborg hand I tought it may e possible that some sort of tool can become an electric sword. So there are two homage in the same illustration: the almighty Star Wars light sword and the Army of Darkness chainsaw. I also like StereoType’s pose, that is quite dynamic as the Marvel way should approve.

Day 7: shy

StereoType’s mask makes his mouth unusable for typical human expression, such as joy or other one. But still his glasses, the 4 antennas on his forehead and two dreads can help him express his feeling. This one, SHY was quite a challenge, it looks like StereoType made something he should be ashemed with the sword the day before.

Day 8: crooked

I love English language! So crooked can have different meanings, also in Italian that meaning is similar. That one was a great opportunity to explore some gangster atmosphere, since StereoType is involved in different kind of stories

Day 9: screech

Since StereoType uses his own steam to speak, he can also screech inside the smoke cloud used as a comic balloon. A good idea but it doesn’t sounds as it should!

Day 10: gigantic

Another homage: The Iron Giant. Still a comicbook trick to zoom in since the prospective is far away from the scene. But the gigantic robot design should be more complicated I think. I like the way all these little dark spot contributes tro give a sense of illusion of depth

Day 11: run

Run StereoType! Run!!!

Always find some references online to help yourself giving the realistic appeal to this kind of scenes! Not bad but the background is too loosy…

Day 12: shattered

Reference! Reference! Reference!

Overall the shattered glesse effect looks kinda of noisy, plus the broken pieces movement needs more study!

Day 13: teeming

That’s a romantic and melanchnic one. Here maybe too much effects on the same image, but I was feeling inspired. Finally some full black ink areas!

Day 14: fierce

Ok it looks like He-Man old cartoon green Tiger, right? But that’s an excuse to make you guys realize the enormous amount of possibilities StereoType has! He can even control some kind of cyborg creatures that have a special implant in their head

Day 15: mysterious

A classic horror movie clichè: Werewolf!

I eas trying to make an old Mistery cover composition (such as novels or movie from the 50s) I like finally the lines control over this sketchbook paper, after two weeks of everyday drawing I can see the amount of details is increasing. I don’t like the plans rendering, This wall behind Stereotype looks unreal…

Day 16: fat

Is fantasy time! Some weird carachter design, ok is not such a good one, but still: I’ve only few hours available to work on it! (trying to excuse myself)

Day 17: graceful

Still in the fantasy side of StereType’s world he meets a fairy, that’s the first gracefull things that came out of miy mind! watch out since the last sketchbook is over I’ve opened a new one and that’s a great paper, is a Moleskine watercolor sketchbook, and I love this paper! Here I’ve stopped trying all my pens and brushes and started working only with my top line instruments: Windsor and Newton series 7 finest sable brushes, and a bottle of Higgins indian ink of course. Nice the ink wash effect is something extremely useful nowadays I’ve to try some digital color techniques over it

Day 18: filthy

A cute filthy monster! It lives between the fantasy and the underground StereoType’s worlds. Looks like StereoType’s got one foot stucked into it. I can smell the bad breathe.

 Day 19: cloud

Since I’ve been drawing at night after dinner I felt like I need to go out and draw talking with somebody. So I’ve been at Wino’s one of the most confortable places in my hometown Catanzaro and brought everything with me. The result is kind of noisy and the picture shows few details because I really understand that oustide of my studio light sources are not that good, even if I asked the owner of the place to rturn on the lights on! It was nice to draw outside and talki with some friends while drawing. I should do it more often.

Day 20: deep

A deep in the ocean scene! Need some references for the deep sea fishes. StereoType is looking outside this typical submariner oblò window. I realize, when I see those pictures on mobile devices or even my computer screen, that I should work more on tone values.

Day 21: furious

You see those four “antennas” on StereoType head? Weel, I use them to make him show some feelings since a mask got limited facial expressions, but I always knew these works also as fire matches, so don’t let him get too angry or you see why they call these “The Dragon Tails”.

Day 22: trail

StereoType is following a faerie (probably the same from day 17…) in a magical wood. I really like the pic I’ve used as reference for this piece, drawing woods and nature landscapes are always challenging, I can tell you it needs more depth, but still a good line-work exercise.

Day 23: juicy

These crazy mad Oranges are gettin’ wild! I like to put some non-sense sometimes here and there. I’m also surprised to see how many uses StereoType finds of his “unusable” missing left hand, here’s a “Mulinex” one!

Day 24: blind

I know that’s a Cyclops from X-Men one! But I like the idea of his visor being able to project some rays, is it just light or more of a dangerous laser weapon?!?

Day 25: ship

Finally some old Pirates set! I like to draw all these ropes and nets from the old ships, I found them such a “romantic” way of thinking about navigation. Also in this piece there’s a lot of black in the sky and it works good as what concerns contrast tones.

Day 26: squeak

He’s StereoType walking on the ships planks? I always liked when rumors effects come with a balloon tail like direction to point at the sound source… That one is also a good excuse to show some details of StereoType’s shoes.

Day 27: climb

StereoType’s in Paris! Found this great shot as reference on Pinterest. I like to see him climbing instead of looking at the city lights from the top, which is a famous recurring stereotype shoot in comics indeed…

That’s the last piece I’ve done for that 2017 Inktober challenge.

I gave up guys!

I think that those pieces took me quite too much time (I guess between 3 to 5 hours a day each one?!?) it’s a good way to improve your inking skills but everyone should find a good way to approach it, doodles of 30 minutes or one hour are way better for a day based personal challenge in my personal experience.

Anyway it was a lot of fun, thanks for reading everyone!

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