Leonard Cohen [Digital Portrait]

Poster commission with a great shot used as reference for this digital inks portrait of the Mighty Leonard Cohen commissioned by a great musicians that goes by the name of Marcello Barillà.

Leonard Cohen

Faded with some watercolors effect and a little bit zoomed in, with some of Cohen’s lyrics floating on the dark background, I definitely have to thank Marcello for giving me this opportunity and suggesting me lyrics and also some art direction about typographic issues on the final piece.

Some details on my Instagram account.

Final artwork

I’ve used a mix of digital inks and watercolors (also some screen-tones) to play and train myself a little bit with my new Wacom Cintiq, just to start taking some confidence, as you can see the thick line-work used as exercise.

Printed 50 x 70 cm poster  courtesy of Marcello’s private collection

Lately I’m printing at some local typography that uses a great HP Latex heavy printing paper, an high-end plotter printer that gives always excellent and professional results, I feel like suggesting it, does anyone already tried it?

What are your favorite supports when printing original digital art for framing or showcase intentions?

Thanks for watching, comments are welcome below!

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