The Villains inc 003

Reprogrammed EP

The Villains Inc are back!

12″ Vinyl Label final artwork

Time for some action, back on the track, Gab Gato head of direction for the Villains Inc. New realese out July 2021 on vinyl. You can listen to a snippet on SoundCloud.

Listen to Reprogrammed EP – ATVS003(SNIPPET) by Gab.Gato on #SoundCloud

The artwork idea came out as a clone ready to wake up when the time is due, actually we plan it some time ago and finally the times are come!

Inking wips on my Vimeo channel

Is basically ink on paper with my top choice Windsor & Newton series 7 gold brushes, but some refinement are actually made at Photoshop with my Cintiq tablet. Some areas needed line-work corrections to make it more readable and less chaotic.

Italian don Gab.Gato takes this opportunity to revisit some of his classics by a quatuor of undisputed electro heavyweights

Special Thanks: Chris Nexus Six for the awesome review

So check out the new Bandcamp page, support the underground independent labels!

Three records complete pack available on Bandcamp

The Villains Inc. complete discography! Very Limited Edition!
1x Reprogrammed Ep
1x No Light Or Shadow Ep (Last copies)
1x The Systematik Network Attack Ep

You can check some of my previous labels collabo with Gato Graphics

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