THE HAHNENKAMM POSTER 2021 [Illustration]

Poster competition – HKR 2021

A total of 1660 designs were submitted by 885 artists across 77 nations.

You can check the previous poster winner Board of Honour – Designed Posters and the 2021 edition winner one on their official website.

My submission was inspired by The HAHNENKAMM Rooster mascot, made at #Photoshop with my #Wacom tablet and a lot of noisy and grainy brushes, in an attempt to stay away from line-works for a while.

My submission

Dear Mister Spadanuda!

The Hahnenkamm poster competition has been very exciting indeed. This is a real challenge for the jury and the assigned committee. Three artists have made it into the final rounds, and more discussions will be needed to choose a winner.

With so many submissions, the Hahnenkamm poster competition is now one of the biggest of its kind worldwide. We are especially proud of the fact the designs were sent in from so many nations.

We would like to thank you for your interest and great work. The designs were very good and it was difficult to make a choice. Despite the high standard, your design(s) did not make it into the final round. Nevertheless, we would like to feature your design(s) on our homepage. If we do not receive an answer from you by January 3rd, we will assume that you agree to the publishing of your submission on our homepage. Even though we have to make a final decision, every design is a winner to us.

We hope you will take part in the next competition and look forward to seeing your design. Thank you once again for participating.

All the best,

the Jury

“Hahnenkamm Poster 2021“

Where do ideas come from?

I enjoyed designing the skis as rooster feet.

Reference image of the actual ski run alongside a color palette extracted with Adobe Color

You can tweet them

follow their IG account

or simply check online for #hahnenkamm hashtag

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