Manifesto spettacolo teatrale

“Il Caso della Ricca Ereditiera…” [Theater]

New artwork for a teather play by Edizione Straordinaria Scuola di Teatro Enzo Corea, located in Catanzaro, Italy.

A theater school from my city that has more than 32 years of activity, where a lot of actors started them artistic history and that I’m happy collaborating with since few years now.

Particularly happy about the final poster result, it’s inspired by the Italian thriller book covers that made famous the genre by also giving the Italian name for it. Matter of facts ‘giallo’ (yellow) is synonymous for thriller here in Italy, since for a long time this editor, Mondadori, used a really strong and bold communication form by the continuing and consistent use of yellow color and an eye catching circle in the middle of its crime stories book covers. You can make yourself a better idea by visiting this Pinterest board.


As reference, beside the already mentioned book cover simple layout and the use of Helvetica as a recognized and familiar font, I’ve also looked for a man with the hat, a typical noir cliché that can give us the idea of something going wrong during the characters evolution in the play. School director Salvo Corea gave me also a bunch of choice for the background by providing me some old roman building pictures, a fundamental piece that was missing in the initial composition. That’s a famous shoot of Piazza Navona (a really crowded square in Rome, Italy), that works pretty well in giving the whole piece an Italian peculiar look.


The final touch is using this young student portrait picture as base for modelling a more aged, but still charming, old heiress as the title itself suggests.

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