Marvel Style Portrait Commission [Illustration/comics]

That one is one of the most funny commission ever asked!

Final artwork completed with colors at Photoshop

For an anniversary present I’ve been requested for a family portrait Marvel style.

Black Widow, Captain America and Spiderman with face taken from some pretty cool pic reference I’ve been provided with.

It was super fun and I’m happy because it was a surprise and a way to pay my tribute to the friend who let me discover Marvel comics heroes when I was 12…

Inks are made digitally with a Cintiq tablet at Clip Studio Paint

I’ve used poses from the internet that I arrange with Pure Ref (free app that I recommend) to obtain a Marvel Comics look even if I’m not sure these costumes (except for Spidey) are from the MCU indeed…

Blue-lines and pencils

Some close-up details on my Instagram page

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